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Within 10 days of taking over the Katzkin account, the DOE Media team was able to reduce the CPL from $40 to $8, while also increasing the daily budget by 3x.



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Katzkin came to DOE Media ready to get creative and think outside of the box

A little different from some of our other partner origin stories, Katzkin, a leader in the leather seat cover industry, came to DOE Media ready to get creative and think outside of the box.

And the DOE Media team was ready.

Their main goal?

To increase lead volume and meet their customers where they are. It took a deep audit and a few discovery calls and strategy sessions, but we came up with a plan we were both confident in. Another key to success was DOE Media’s ability collaborate with Katzkin’s internal team to help build out a robust reporting attribution system.

Paid Social and Display

We started our test with ads across a few different social and display platforms. Desperate to find new lead sources outside of Facebook and Google, we cast wide net testing into Reddit, Taboola, Outbrain, TikTok and Snapchat.

We lassoed in on TikTok and Snap as clear winners, much to the team at Katzkin’s surprise. Not only did they find new sources for lead production as they were hoping for, our perfect recipe for content based on market research and organic customer testimonials made it far more efficient.

While Facebook was seeing costs per lead (CPLs) of $12-20, Snapchat and TikTok were driving CPLs of $5-10.

The success

Although we had new top-performing channels, Meta (Facebook/Instagram) was still a critical platform to overall strategy. Within 10 days of taking over the Katzkin account, the DOE Media team was able to reduce the CPL from $40 to $8, while also increasing the daily budget by 3x.

We did this by reallocating a portion of the retargeting budget to prospecting audiences, building out more in-depth retargeting campaigns, and expanding audience testing. With audiences, our team reduced frequencies by 14x and used key targetable demographic indicators like household income to further develop target audiences.

Another important piece of this success was by zooming in on creatives in rotation. We reduced the number of creatives and found best performers through data-driven analysis to scale while maintaining a diverse mix of assets to speak to individual audiences better, making this spend more efficient and effective.

Google and Microsoft (Bing) Paid Search

After seeing the success DOE Media was able to drive in paid social, the Katzkin team was ready to expand the partnership.

A bonus was that going more full-funnel helped mitigate rising CPLs. We incrementally took over paid search and opened up new channels like YouTube to drive more leads than the company has seen in its history.

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