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DOE Media runs full-funnel marketing for Chirp, driving serious efficiency for the booming brand.



  • Increase in Conversions


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  • Increase in TikTok Traffic


DOE Media runs full-funnel marketing for Chirp, driving serious efficiency for the booming brand.

How it started

After their debut and immediate success on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Chirp went looking to bring on a true growth partner. 

It wasn’t long before they found that partner they were searching for in DOE Media. 
The viral brand welcomed DOE Media onto their team in early 2022, embracing our team as a close extension of theirs, trusting us with their Meta, Google and Microsoft (Bing), and TikTok advertising, as well as their Lifecycle Marketing Strategist.

Our team at DOE is proud to partner with this incredible brand to drive the full funnel from brand awareness to prospecting to retargeting and loyalty.

Email Marketing

Essential to Lifecycle Marketing are website optimizations with strong email capture efforts, data, and clean, effective segmentation.

Within this channel, we leveraged user-generated content (UGC), testimonials, special promotions, and product interest as a key part of the copy and creative strategy. To run a coordinated marketing strategy for Chirp, our team utilized creative across multiple channels like email and paid social ads for a more cohesive brand experience.

Paid Social Marketing

Chirp partnered with DOE Media at a time when their CPA was rising from $100 to $130+ and efficiency was slipping. Within 2 weeks our team was able to bring the CPA below goal to $90 without pulling back budgets.

Amazing, right? But how?

Our team restructured the retargeting ad campaigns, reallocated budget from retargeting into prospecting campaigns to start driving more net new leads, launched more robust creative testing, and expanded interest targeting all on Facebook.

Our team then reallocated the savings to highest performing top funnel channels and campaigns, driving more revenue and ultimately increasing the bottom line.

TikTok Ads

Tik Tok proved to be a little tougher than Facebook for Chirp at first. After spending $30K on the platform without a single purchase conversion, DOE Media took over.

Within a short time, the Tik Tok account began driving purchases while also increasing traffic by 3x… all with the same advertising budget.

Google & Bing Paid Search Ads

When the DOE Media team launched our proven Google campaign structure for Search and Shopping into the Chirp account, we were confident it would work, but then it worked a lot faster than we could have predicted. After just one week in market, our new strategy immediately increased conversions by 10% while reducing spend by 17%. By reducing investments in branded campaigns coupled with scaling non-branded search campaigns to acquire net new customers, Google became a powerhouse for the brand once again with the help of DOE Media.

Imagine this

Perfect Synergy

By trusting DOE with their full-funnel, we are able to drive a seamless and successful marketing motion for Chirp. Imagine this:


A net new lead, specifically targeted based on a set of criteria, sees an ad through paid social on Facebook, instagram or TikTok.

Brand Awareness

They click on the ad and land on the webpage that is optimized for conversion driving brand awareness at the top of the funnel.

Form Submission

They aren't quite ready to buy but they input their email address into the Wheelio before exiting the webpage.

Email Retargeting

They are triggered into an email retargeting campaign encouraging them to convert.


They either convert directly through email or...

Back to Search

Go back to search to find the brand they are now engaged with.

Driving Sales

Driving sales directly on their website or through third-party storefronts like Amazon.

Lead becomes a Customer

And is enrolled in customer email campaigns to drive repeat purchases, upsells, and cross-sells.

The Bottom Line

DOE has all the insights and data to ensure this process is as successful and streamlined as possible, leaving any guesswork out so Chirp can realize increased sales, saved budget dollars from the efficiency, and create happy, repeat customers.

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decrease in CPA

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Increase in TikTok traffic

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Increase in conversions


Case Studies

Savannah Bee

Savannah Bee

  • 23%

    Lower CPA

  • 5X

    Sales Growth

  • 27%

    Increase in Retention



  • 300%

    Growth in Email Revenue

  • 60%

    Increase in Revenue in the First Year

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