CEO & Founder

Ramzey Nassar

A serial technology and marketing entrepreneur who excels at building high caliber teams to scale hyper-growth companies.


CEO, Investor, Advisor, Marketer & Entrepreneur for Life

Ramzey is the Co-Founder and CEO at DOE Media, and the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Prolific Ventures. DOE Media is currently one of the fastest growing direct response advertising & digital transformation firms in the US, Canada, Dubai, & the UK.

CEO & Founder

DOE media has generated $1B+ in profitable revenue for companies ranging from D2C to B2B. And with three previous successful exits, Ramzey has a proven track record of profitability in several industries.


Using barrier breaking growth strategies and unicorn status media buying, Ramzey has enabled his companies and countless business owners to surpass 7, 8, and 9 figures in online & retail revenues.

Investor & Advisor

Through Prolific Ventures, Ramzey advises companies and c-suites on EBITDA-driven performance marketing, digital transformations, and other profitable areas of opportunities not being captured.


Before starting DOE Media, Ramzey founded and built multiple B2B & B2C technology platforms and D2C eCommerce businesses, which amassed tens of thousands of merchants and tens of millions of customers.


Serial Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert

With over 3,000 successful partnerships and $1B+ in trackable revenue, DOE is the only choice for businesses who want to level up.

Feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon.

Ramzey’s ventures are born from his innate ability to identify market opportunities while providing novel solutions. He understands talking a big game doesn’t mean much if you don’t follow it up with profitable results.

His story

As all great leaders do, Ramzey knows when to take the reins and when to step aside and allow others to shine. He sits on the board of 7 different companies, but always remembers to embody the customers they’re serving to provide the most successful guidance. A lifelong student, he completed his first entrepreneurship program at DePaul University, was an apprentice at The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and was mentored by former GrubHub CTO NAME. He continues to expand his knowledge today, most recently completing a Data Privacy and Technology course through the Harvard Business School.


A radical optimist, Ramzey believes there’s an opportunity hidden behind every obstacle we face. By bringing his trademark positive energy to everything he does, he’s able to inspire those around him to reach their highest potential.


With more than a decade of successful experience, Ramzey knows wins are always better when they’re shared. He aims to change millions of lives through positive business transformations while spreading his love for a wellness-focused lifestyle.

award winning

Turning the entrepreneurship mindset into a lifestyle

He has built multiple B2B platforms that have amassed tens of thousands of users.  With successful ventures that include ThreadMeUp, Compulsive Innovation, Autonomous Technologies, Yarden, and Swagify under his belt, he’s no stranger to the work it takes to be a successful Founder.

This experience has led him to serve as an advisor to various companies such as Malley’s Chocolates, Catalina Finer Food Corp, Anabelle Candy Company, and Swagify.


DOE Media






Prolific Ventures


Born in 2018, DOE Media is an independently owned marketing firm that has generated $1B+ million in trackable revenue to date.

Driven by data with an emphasis on direct response advertising, DOE provides sophisticated solutions to partners ranging from startups to Fortune 500 brands.

From D2C to B2B, DOE’s partners operate in various industries, including eCommerce, luxury, technology, home services, apps, sports, professional services, and retail.

With a team comprised of serial entrepreneurs who have spent their time in the trenches building, scaling and exiting businesses, DOE treats your advertising dollars as if they were their own.

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fastest growing company in america

An award-winning team of marketing aficionados poised to help guide your brand to marketplace domination with our proven track record.

"My ultimate goal is to help add value to my community. I consider my community anyone around me who is searching for advice or guidance. I believe if we all help each other out, then there's something greater we all get in return."

Ramzey Nassar

CEO & Founder

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Getting Acquired

Ramzey sits down with Andrew Gazdecki, Founder of MicroAcquire, to discuss how he leveraged Andrew’s platform to sell a startup he built and scaled in under two years.

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Wins & Losses

Ramzey discusses his journey of growth with Nathan Latka and shares an idea all entrepreneurs know too well: behind every win is a story of several losses along the way.

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How we made it

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Great things happen when you set aside your ego.

Data Over Ego, that’s what drives Ramzey and the team at DOE Media to provide the best marketing solutions for their partners. Through his Prolific Ventures Fund, Ramzey serves as an active internet & tech investor, incubator, and business advisor to companies and c-suites, helping them identify and take advantage of opportunities left on the table.

Add your business to the list of partners Ramzey has helped find success.


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Boldly re-imagining
what growth means

Years of experience coupled with the belief that there was still more left to accomplish, that’s what led Ramzey and his partners to launch DOE Media.

They brought together a group of ingenious disrupts fed up with the way things were and determined to shift the marketing landscape with avant-garde strategies designed to drive growth. If your business needs big ideas with even bigger results, you’ve come to the right place.

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