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From online retailers to tech startups, and from beauty brands to fitness enthusiasts, we unite with our clients in a shared mission: to amplify their Digital Marketing strategy through Instagram Ads.

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Marketing on Instagram

Transform Instagram communities into loyal customers effortlessly, enabling seamless product discovery and purchases with just a few taps.

With eye-catching visuals, engaging stories, and a billion active users, Instagram Ads is a goldmine for brand visibility and customer engagement. 

How We Run Ads on Instagram

We start by defining clear objectives based on your goals and target audience. Next, we conduct thorough audience research to identify the most relevant segments and create compelling ad creatives that capture attention. Our team sets up, monitors, and optimizes your campaigns, constantly testing and refining to maximize results.

Increased Brand Visibility

With over a billion active users, Instagram offers a vast audience that businesses can tap into.

Enhanced Customer

Instagram provides a platform for direct and interactive communication with customers.

Drive Website Traffic and Conversions

Instagram marketing serves as a powerful driver of website traffic and conversions.

We Analyze the Data
That Matters

Target Audience Refinement

We leverage Instagram ad data to gain insights into the audience that engages most with your ads. By analyzing demographics, interests, and behaviors of users who respond positively to your campaigns, we can refine target audience parameters and ensure your ads reach the most relevant and high-potential segments.

Creative Optimization

Instagram ad data provides valuable feedback on the performance of different ad creatives, including visuals, copy, and call-to-action elements. We utilize this data to identify the most effective creative variations, optimize messaging, and refine visuals, ultimately enhancing engagement and driving better results.

Performance Tracking and Optimization

By closely monitoring key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost-per-acquisition, we use Instagram ad data to measure campaign performance. We identify trends, analyze the effectiveness of different targeting strategies, and make data-driven optimizations to maximize ROI and continually improve the impact of your Instagram ad campaigns.

Reach Your Digital Marketing Goals With Instagram Ads

Seamless Integration with Facebook Ads

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and the two platforms seamlessly integrate their advertising capabilities. By investing in Instagram ads, businesses can leverage the powerful targeting options, ad formats, and optimization tools available through the Facebook Ads Manager. This integration allows for comprehensive cross-platform advertising strategies, maximizing reach and results.

Increasing Mobile Usage and Shopping Behavior

Instagram is a mobile-first platform, and with the exponential growth of mobile usage, it has become a hotspot for online shopping. By investing in Instagram ads, businesses can capitalize on this shift in consumer behavior, reaching users who are already accustomed to making purchasing decisions on their mobile devices. Instagram's shoppable posts and easy checkout options further facilitate the conversion process, making it convenient for users to make purchases directly within the app.

Enhanced Brand Storytelling and Authenticity

Instagram provides a unique opportunity for businesses to tell their brand stories visually and authentically. By investing in Instagram ads, businesses can create compelling narratives that resonate with their target audience, showcasing their values, personality, and behind-the-scenes moments. This fosters a deeper connection with users and builds brand loyalty, as customers appreciate the transparency and genuine content shared by businesses on the platform.

Remarketing and Customer Retention

Instagram ads enable businesses to implement effective remarketing strategies. By targeting users who have previously engaged with their brand or visited their website, businesses can remind them of their products or services and encourage them to take the desired action. Additionally, Instagram ads can be used to nurture existing customers, promoting loyalty programs, exclusive offers, or upselling/cross-selling opportunities, thereby increasing customer retention and lifetime value.

More Customers With Instagram Ads

Leverage the influential nature of Instagram Ads to accelerate lead generation and Digital Marketing growth.

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The most spend happy ages 18-34 are on IG


Chirp, Simple & Effective Back Pain Relief

After their debut and immediate success on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Chirp went looking to bring on a true growth partner. It wasn’t long before they found that partner they were searching for in DOE Media. The viral brand welcomed DOE Media onto their team in early 2022, embracing our team as a close extension of their, trusting us with their Meta Marketing, Google and Microsoft (Bing) Ads, TikTok, and Email efforts. Our team at DOE is proud to partner with this incredible brand to drive the full funnel from brand awareness to prospecting to retargeting to loyalty.

Paid Social Marketing

Chirp partnered with DOE Media at a time when their CPA was rising from $100 to $130+ and efficiency was slipping. Within 2 weeks our team was able to bring the CPA below goal to $90 without pulling back budgets. Amazing, right? But how? Our team restructured the retargeting ad campaigns, reallocated budget from retargeting into prospecting campaigns to start driving more net new leads, launched more robust creative testing, and expanded interest targeting all on Facebook.

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Reduced CPA

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Increase in traffic

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Case Studies



  • 1B+


  • 400K+

    App Installs

  • 52%

    Lower CPC



  • 350%

    Increase in Online Revenue

  • 800%

    Increase in ROAS

Girls Crew

Girls Crew

  • 15x

    Sales Growth to Date

  • 1500%

    Increase in Revenue

  • 2x

    Sales Growth in the First 90 Days



  • 1600%

    Increase in Revenue

  • 500%

    Increase in Conversions

  • 1000%

    Increase in Revenue



  • 10%

    Increase in Conversions

  • 31%

    Lower CPA

  • 3x

    Increase in TikTok Traffic



  • 4x

    Increase in Revenue

The steps that we make

Our OmniChannel Process

From researching consumer interests and customer archetypes to tracking and optimizing ad account performance, our team will implement a full-funnel approach to profitably scale your business.



Collaboration with Growth Partner

First thing’s first: We sit down with you to dig deep. What are your goals, challenges, and what’s your companies unique edge? We also analyze the competition and your position in the market. These insights reveal the opportunities to grow your company.



Channel Identification & Strategy Design​

Now, armed with knowledge and a shared vision, we figure out where your audience hangs out. Is it Facebook? Instagram? Email? We identify these channels and craft a strategy that talks to your customers wherever they are, making sure the message is consistent and compelling.



Tactical & Adaptive Campaigning

This is where the rubber meets the road. We roll out the campaign across the chosen channels, but we don’t just “set it and forget it.” We’re nimble, adapting in real-time to what the data tells us. If something’s working, we push it. If something’s not, we pivot.



Data-Driven Optimization & Scaling

Finally, we take what we’ve learned and use it to do even better. We refine our approach continually, always hunting for more efficient ways to reach your goals. And when we find what works, we scale, taking your business to new heights you didn’t think possible.

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Partner with us to achieve your digital marketing goals and eclipse your competition.

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