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May 5, 2022

Savannah Bee

  • Decreased CPA


  • Increased retention


DOE Media is helping #SavetheBees by partnering with The Savannah Bee Company to grow their eCommerce presence.

The Savannah Bee Company is proving that you can do just about anything with honey. Their success comes from their core mission “Save the bees,” and their customers’ love for their wide array of products ranging from edible honey to household to skincare and beauty products. With stores across the country, This booming consumer packaged goods brand with decades of experience in the industry and placements in key retailers like Whole Foods and World Market decided it was time to expand their direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce business, and they looked no further than to DOE Media for their full-funnel marketing.

The Full Suite

Email Marketing

Google And Bing Paid Search

Paid Social

The Full Suite

By working extremely closely alongside The Savannah Bee team, DOE Media was able to execute a full digital transformation for the brand. Starting with website conversion optimizations, we scaled by building a strong email program, innovating with paid search and social, and providing deep reporting and insights into audiences, buying patterns, and consumer interest. Becoming a key asset to a partner’s Marketing team is what drives our passion at DOE Media, and our opportunity to do just that with Savannah Bee sweetens the deal with this partner.

How we use data to grow Savannah Bee’s business.

Data is integral to the massive growth Savannah Bee has seen during its partnership with DOE Media. At the forefront, data is used to help make marketing and targeting smarter and more effective. For all of our partners, our team builds out a detailed reporting structure to easily read out on performance regularly. However, our team is constantly looking for ways to make even bigger impacts across the business as a whole as well as the marketing channels under our purview.

Savannah Bee was looking to get a deeper understanding of their audience base but didn’t really know where to begin. The team at DOE Media started by running cohort analysis to understand different tiers of buyers, those who purchase once, twice, or consistently. Part of this is also understanding net new customers we are driving through paid efforts, who they are, when they buy, who they buy for, etc. Also, understanding buying patterns and seasonality in buying patterns for their audience. For example, our team helped derive gifting as a major buying pattern with trends clustering around holidays like Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, the Super Bowl, and other major holidays. Identifying and understanding these patterns allowed the DOE Media team to plan paid media budgets based on holidays and spikes in gifting, work with the Savannah Bee team to create gift guides and campaigns around gifting, and also to inform merchandise planning for those seasons.

Effective use of data and having the opportunity to run full-funnel gave us the unique opportunity to help launch hero products like hot honey and the Book of Honey which was named one of Oprah’s favorite things in 2021. Data analysis allows our team to develop conversion-based creative and guide creative across channels.

Email Marketing

The DOE Media email team took on the task of building a full structure and strategy within Klaviyo. Building out segments based on engagement, product purchases, and interests was critical. The team developed strong automations for abandon cart, browse abandonment, and product interest, while also running targeted batch campaigns to different segments. The strategy and testing structure was built around conversion and past learnings and was dependent on the success of the website optimizations recommended and implemented by DOE Media including email capture. Performance of the email program with key plays increased retention revenue by 27% year over year, regularly selling out SKUs and outperforming goals. Consistent testing and learning unlocked insights and how to successfully leverage data for personalization.

Google and Microsoft (Bing) Paid Search

Search goes beyond keywords and Google Shopping. Through paid search, DOE Media was able to drive awareness to the brand’s retail presence, showing leads where they could buy top-quality Savannah Bee Honey nationwide. Within Google, the team explored an extension in Google Ads where if you’re within 5 miles of a store, anyone searching for a related term will see the storefront listing.

Within the standard strategy, our team was able to crack non-branded search for Savannah Bee and implement highly successful Performance Max campaigns that are scalable by clustering products and then pulling over performing SKUs out of the cluster into their own campaign. Driving 5x the amount of sales than they were doing before. On Google, ad spend increased by 175% while actually decreasing CPA by 23%, efficiently and effectively scaling the D2C business.

Paid Social

After auditing the Savannah Bee Facebook Ads account, we noticed the team they were using before was heavily retargeting their past customers and website visitors with 80% of their overall budget, which wasn’t helping them reach their revenue goals. We flipped that script on it’s head when we came in spending 85% of the budget on new customer acquisition campaigns with the other 15% of the budget going after retargeting and retention focused audiences. This helped to get them back on track increasing the number of new customers from their Facebook ad efforts by 6x helping them to grow the business vs targeting people that would have purchased regardless.

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