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Since 2018 when the DOE Media and Akira partnership was born, Akira has grown revenue 200% with eCommerce-specific revenue growing 350%and the DOE Media team has become an integral part of the Akira internal Marketing team.



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Akira partners with DOE Media to scale eCommerce revenue, ROAS, and online purchases through Meta advertising

Since starting out as a small brick-and-mortar store in Chicago in 2002,

Akira has grown its brand, brick-and-mortar, and eCommerce presence to quickly become

the shopping destination for anyone looking to turn heads at any event.

When looking to scale their eCommerce channel, the internal team decided they were cautiously

ready to bring on a thoughtful partner who could help them realize their full potential

outside of stores and, in turn, also expand their retail presence.

Since 2018 when the DOE Media and Akira partnership was born,

Akira has grown revenue 200% with eCommerce-specific revenue growing 350%,

and the DOE Media team has become an integral part of the Akira internal Marketing team.

Meta Marketing

Before working with DOE Media, Akira had major gaps in their technical setup of their ad accounts. Step one was to fix the conversion API by giving their team the right tools and guidance to fix the longstanding errors to clean up data synchronicity. Immediately, audiences became stronger and we were off to the races.


Getting the accounts setup correctly led way to understanding customer demographics more deeply so we could target more efficiently. Data feedback quickly allowed DOE Media to see merchandising sell-through velocity and make recommendations to the Akira internal team on what to buy and what to leave out of purchasing decisions based on sales from advertising.


From identifying and providing tools to fix API issues, surfacing data to inform creative strategy, introducing new channels, or giving deeper insights into key performance insights (KPIs), it’s been one of our most successful and fashionable partnerships.

How we’re growing together

DOE Media now serves as an extension of the Akira team advising on advertising creative strategy by being connected to the data behind creative and strategy, consulting on lifecycle marketing, helping the team understand their blended paid search and social customer acquisition costs (CAC), building cohort analyzes to understand segments more deeply, and helping scale to new channels like TikTok where viral posts have reached tens of millions of consumers. 

With the help of DOE Media, Akira is now verified on Tik Tok and plans to leverage this channel as a key part of their acquisition strategy.

Now the leading fast-fashion retailer in the United States with more than 30 stores nationwide, Akira is on the fast track to achieving Unicorn status.

The Bottom Line

DOE has all the insights and data to ensure this process is as successful and streamlined as possible, leaving any guesswork out so Akira can realize increased sales, saved budget dollars from the efficiency, and create happy, repeat customers.

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