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Girls Crew

Within 90 days of getting started with DOE Media, Girls Crew sales more than doubled. And since, has grown a total of 15x from when Jina first approached DOE Media.



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Case Study

Girls Crew partnered with DOE Media and grew sales by 2x in the first 90 days

Meta Marketing

Paid Social Marketing

Google And Bing Paid Search

We created a strategy across Facebook, Google, and email to quickly reach massive new audiences.

Girls Crew is an LA-based jewelry store owned and operated by Jina Chang. Jina approached us with the desire to take her small e-commerce business nationwide… and then worldwide.

We were immediately enthralled by her vision, and created a strategy across Facebook, Google, and email to quickly reach massive new audiences.


Within 90 days, sales more than doubled. Girls Crew remains a client to this day and has seen revenue grow by over 15x since our first meeting. 

Now Jina’s dream is a reality – Girls Crew is a worldwide phenomenon and has been featured everywhere from Cosmo Magazine to Elle to Stylist Magazine.
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Sales Growth to Date

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Sales Growth in the first 90 days

Google and Microsoft (Bing) Paid Search

Expanding into paid search was a game changer for Girls Crew. Put under the pressure to help this diamond in the rough become a globally revered brand, our team saw the potential of diversifying and scaling Google ads and placements.

After launching their first ever Google ads, Girls Crew saw over 1,500 incremental orders within two months after starting at a 5:1 ROAS on search and shopping.

What this means?
Insane growth in a valuable channel driven by a strong strategy.

As Performance Max campaigns started to become the new standard for search, our team got an early start with this partner overhauling the Google Shopping campaigns into Performance Max campaigns and saw a lot of success.


But there is also another 10-15% of search that falls outside of Google on Microsoft’s Bing. To become the global brand Jina was dreaming of, there was no room to miss out on incremental lift, so we expanded advertising to Microsoft Ads.

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