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May 5, 2022

Girls Crew

  • Growth since the start of the partnership


  • Sales growth within 90 days


From local neighborhood shop to top fashion magazine acclaimed brand worldwide, Girls Crew partnered with DOE Media and grew sales by 2x in the first 90 days

Girls Crew is an LA-based jewelry store owned and operated by Jina Chang. Jina’s dream? To take her brand from a small eCommerce business to a booming worldwide brand. When Jina came to DOE Media, our team was immediately sold into her vision, and we got to work. We started Girls Crew with paid social on the Meta Platform and quickly expanded to paid search. Today, in partnership with DOE Media, Jina’s small eCommerce business is a global brand that’s been featured in acclaimed fashion publications like Cosmo Magazine, Elle, and Stylish Magazine.

DOE continues to run these key channels and helps Jina and her team with projections and demand planning in paid media including inventory forecasting. We also have built strong working relationships with other Girls Crew partners to develop a cohesive and coordinated strategy across marketing budgets and campaigns. We are closely connected to multiple metrics that matter including customer acquisition costs (CaC) and advertising spend to website revenue ratio, which gives deeper insight than just return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Meta Marketing

Paid Social Marketing

Google And Bing Paid Search

Meta Marketing

Within 90 days of getting started with DOE Media, Girls Crew sales more than doubled. And since, has grown a total of 15x from when Jina first approached DOE Media.

Meeting the moment for consumers with the right creative and right message is key. Our team leans heavily into the data to help inform creative strategies to achieve the best success. And the force got stronger.  Starwars licensing and ran ads against this trendy subject

Google and Microsoft (Bing) Paid Search

Expanding into paid search was a game changer for Girls Crew. Put under the pressure to help this diamond in the rough become a globally revered brand, our team saw the potential of diversifying and scaling Google ads and placements. After launching their first ever Google ads, Girls Crew saw over 1,500 incremental orders within two months after starting at a 5:1 ROAS on search and shopping. What this means? Insane growth in a valuable channel driven by a strong strategy.
As Performance Max campaigns started to become the new standard for search, our team got an early start with this partner overhauling the Google Shopping campaigns into Performance Max campaigns and saw a lot of success. But there is also another 10-15% of search that falls outside of Google on Microsoft’s Bing. To become the global brand Jina was dreaming of, there was no room to miss out on incremental lift, so we expanded advertising to Microsoft Ads.

The Bottom Line

DOE has all the insights and data to ensure this process is as successful and streamlined as possible, leaving any guesswork out so Chirp can realize increased sales, saved budget dollars from the efficiency, and create happy, repeat customers.

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