Built out a robust low cost retargeting structure across all media channels.



  • Growth in Email Revenue


  • Increase in Revenue in the First Year


Built out a robust low cost retargeting structure across all media channels.

Pivoted more efforts into scaling up on Facebook and Google when the opportunity arises rather than traditional media spend allocation per month.


DOE has all the insights and data to ensure this process is as successful and streamlined as possible, leaving any guesswork out so Guidecraft can realize increased sales, saved budget dollars from the efficiency, and create happy, repeat customers.

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Growth in Email Revenue

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Increase in Revenue in the First Year

Meta Marketing

Guidecraft approached us looking to grow their business after having a slowdown in 2021 coming off the pandemic demand for home schooling related products in 2020.

So we developed a 2 part strategy to drive more new customer acquisition by making their ad efforts on Meta and Google be more profitable then increasing their customer lifetime value by building out automated emails flows and creating an indepth email marketing calendar.

Lifecycle Marketing

On the lifecycle marketing side we were able to 3x the revenue they were getting prior to working with our team that quickly implemented our email marketing best practices. 

To 3x their revenue took 3 big factors:

Imagine this

Perfect Synergy

By trusting DOE with their full-funnel, we are able to drive a seamless and successful marketing motion for Guidecraft. Imagine this:


A net new lead, specifically targeted based on a set of criteria, sees an ad through paid social on Facebook, instagram or TikTok.

Brand Awareness

They click on the ad and land on the webpage that is optimized for conversion driving brand awareness at the top of the funnel.

Form Submission

They aren't quite ready to buy but they input their email address into the Wheelio before exiting the webpage.

Email Retargeting

They are triggered into an email retargeting campaign encouraging them to convert.


They either convert directly through email or...

Back to Search

Go back to search to find the brand they are now engaged with.

Driving Sales

Driving sales directly on their website or through third-party storefronts like Amazon.

Lead becomes a Customer

And is enrolled in customer email campaigns to drive repeat purchases, upsells, and cross-sells.


Case Studies



  • 1B+


  • 400K+

    App Installs

  • 52%

    Lower CPC



  • 350%

    Increase in Online Revenue

  • 800%

    Increase in ROAS



  • 1600%

    Increase in Revenue

  • 500%

    Increase in Conversions

  • 1000%

    Increase in Revenue

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