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May 5, 2022


  • Email revenue growth


  • Increased revenue in first year


Built out a robust low cost retargeting structure across all media channels.

 Pivoted more efforts into scaling up on Facebook and Google when the opportunity arises rather than traditional media spend allocation per month.

Meta Marketing

Paid Social Marketing

Email Marketing

Google And Bing Paid Search

Meta Marketing

Guidecraft approached us looking to grow their business after having a slowdown in 2021 coming off the pandemic demand for home schooling related products in 2020. So we developed a 2 part strategy to drive more new customer acquisition by making their ad efforts on Meta and Google be more profitable then increasing their customer lifetime value by building out automated emails flows and creating an indepth email marketing calendar.

Lifecycle Marketing

On the lifecycle marketing side we were able to 3x the revenue they were getting prior to working with our team that quickly implemented our email marketing best practices. To 3x their revenue took 3 big factors – 1) segmenting the list properly so we could send out more personalized campaigns to their previous and potential customers increasing the average email CTR by 1.5% YoY. 2) Updating the look and feel of their creative while making sure all campaigns had a focused approach that didn’t inundate potential customers with too many options with a very clear call to action. 3) Building out well thought out email welcome flows for new customers and non-customers to drive more purchases and giving them a story to trust in the brand.

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