DOE Media Hits Two Home Runs For AliExpress Reaching over 1 Billion Impressions

AliExpress 11.11 Singles Day

AliExpress, a prominent international online retail service, sought to break into the U.S. market with a bang. Known for its diverse product offerings and competitive pricing, the brand was eager to translate its global success into the American landscape.


AliExpress's Landmark U.S. Launch and Monumental Anniversary Sale.

Entering a new market is no small feat. AliExpress faced stiff competition, unfamiliar consumer behaviors, and the need to create advertising that would resonate across various demographics. They needed a partner who could navigate these complex challenges, and that’s where DOE Media came in.

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The Solution:

Launching a brand in a new market is hard.

There are many challenges and unknown factors that can make or break success. That’s where DOE Media’s AdaptIQ comes in.

AdaptIQ is an ad strategy that learns and adapts in almost real-time. This isn’t AI guessing. Our experts are hands-on at the controls. We have found that nothing beats having real eyes watching the market and making adjustments to your ads on the fly when at the scale Ali Express was launching on.

Most ad strategies are set up and then left alone. AdaptIQ is different. We’re constantly reacting to the market, making small (or large) changes to get you better results, day by day and hour by hour.

Not every media buyer can pull this off.

DOE Media has a deep understanding of market awareness, buying psychology, and knows how to make the most of machine learning on ad platforms. We can make smart decisions quickly and often, something other agencies can struggle with.

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Introducing 11.11 Singles' Day to the US

The task was introducing 11.11 Singles’ Day to the US. AliExpress brought the joy, the thrill, and the excitement of Singles’ Day to the U.S. DOE Media worked together with Chicago-based OKRP creative agency. Together we made a two-week campaign that got seen 80 million times.

During the campaign, we tested a variety of over 800 variables, including 40 audiences, to identify the top-performing core US consumers. Then we picked the best mix of ads to get the most attention.

This involved rigorous creative testing with over 20 variations of video, animation, static, and carousel ads to find the perfect combination to maximize 11.11 exposure and to meet our KPI’s. The data provided the insights to fuel the US Singles’ Day strategy for 2023 and beyond.

We watched the ads closely with our AdaptIQ strategy and made changes right away as needed. This helped us succeed and gave us a good start for what to do next time.


AliExpress Anniversary Sale & Choice Program

Yes, AliExpress teamed up with us again! This time to kick-start something new.
Something big: the AliExpress Choice Program.

The launch of AliExpress Choice was designed to compete directly with Amazon by offering a wide variety of select products (choice) warehoused in the US.

Again, DOE Media led the creative plan by giving strategies for content to OKRP. OKRP made the ideas real. DOE Media kept improving the ad plan with the AdaptIQ strategy. Often making changes in real-time or hour-by-hour for better results during the project.


Going Beyond:
Delivering More Than Promised For AliExpress

1 billion+ impressions

CPM 31% lower than the goal

CPC 52% lower

Impressions goal beat by 45%

Traffic goals beat by 107%

400k+ app installs

80M paid impressions for Singles' Day

In collaboration with AliExpress, we managed to increase impressions by an extraordinary 45% – equivalent to filling Yankee Stadium five times over.

Our partnership with Chicago's OKRP, a leader in creative advertising, transformed creativity into tangible clicks that converted.

The numbers speak for themselves: CPC cut in half, CPM reduced by 31%.

By utilizing our AdaptIQ strategy, we ensured that every dollar spent was a wise investment.

AliExpress didn't just show up in the U.S. market; they made a real connection with people.

And it's this connection that turns curious browsers into loyal customers. When people feel a bond with a brand, they're more likely to buy and keep coming back. That's not just sales; it's the start of a long-term relationship that builds trust and loyalty.

And about those 400k app installs?

That’s a number comparable to the entire population of Miami downloading the app.

AliExpress now has a major presence in the US market. We are excited to have been a part of their launches and the future success of their US expansion. 

This is a testament to what focused creativity, and industry-leading expertise can accomplish. It’s not just how we do business at DOE Media; it’s who we are.


Are you ready to crush your next launch?

Do you want your brand to resonate just like AliExpress did in the U.S.? 
Partner with DOE Media and let our AdaptIQ process for large campaigns create your next success story. 


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