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May 5, 2022


  • Increase in email revenue


A Cheesy Success Story

MoonCheese, the popular consumer packaged goods company found in many major retailers like Starbucks and Whole Foods, came to DOE Media to grow its D2C presence and strengthen its database and brand. Trusting the DOE Media team with email marketing, website optimizations, paid search, and even a TikTok rebrand, they’ve seen growth across the board.

Website optimizations

Email marketing

Website optimizations

Major launch: MoonCheese Cheese Sticks. A lot goes into a product launch and Marketing is certainly an important piece of the puzzle. You need a landing page, to build hype, drive sales, and incorporate your other products. When MoonCheese was ready to launch the delicious Cheese Sticks, having DOE Media help run point on all of those marketing tasks was a no-brainer.

Our team designed and developed the landing page for this unmissable snack and supported overall compliance for the website. And of course, ran a full marketing activation strategy around the launch.

Email marketing

The Cheese Sticks campaign is a great example of an email activation. When you have a new product as good as this, you need to shout it from the rooftops… or at least from the inbox of all ISPs. So we did just that.

Outside of product campaigns, our team rebuilt and built highly successful automations based on data like cart values, created segments based on product sell-through and purchasing behaviors, and upsell and cross-sell campaigns. DOE Media helped set up Wheelio exit intent on the website which drives email capture that is used for triggered email automations. The offer is also designed by DOE based on data from similar companies and audience analysis. Partnering with the MoonCheese team, we develop an evergreen Marketing calendar to promote different SKUs, newly created giveaway campaigns, new product launches, and much more. By looking closely into the data, we are also able to understand customer lifetime value through consumption and re-order data. We were able to increase the revenue driven from their retention marketing efforts by 45% in the first year of working with them.

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