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Major candy company increases year-over-year revenue by 227% through paid search and social advertising



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Major candy company increases year-over-year revenue by 227% through paid search and social advertising

Hammonds, a large candy company with major international distribution, partnered with DOE Media to increase its direct-to-consumer (DTC) business and grow its online footprint. This TikTok viral brand doubled down on paid search and paid social with DOE Media and took their company from a primarily wholesale seller to a strong DTC brand. Within the first 30 days of partnership with DOE, Hammond’s online revenue grew 1,397% month over month and within the first year of working with us their revenue increased by 227% year over year.

Paid Social Marketing

Google and Microsoft (Bing) Ads

Google and Microsoft (Bing) Ads

Our team at DOE Media took a similar strategic approach on paid search. While running both Google and Microsoft (bing ads) we were effectively reaching a broad audience, but to make the ads even more effective, we launched a strategic waterfall of ads. On Google, we doubled down on Shopping ads, thoughtfully splitting the products out into tiers and tagging them with seasonality. By taking this type of approach, we scaled the account by 5x while also increasing ROAS by 34%.

Paid Social Marketing

What’s sweeter than candy? Major revenue growth. Through some strategic and well executed Instagram reel ads playing on the ASMR quality of their videos, the DOE Media team was able to drive brand awareness in the consumer space while simultaneously lowering CPMs by 33% and CPAs by 28%.

During this span, the brand saw a huge lift in organic traffic on TikTok where their content was going viral consistently. With direction from the DOE Media team, they capitalized on the success of the organic channel and continue to see high returns.

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