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May 5, 2022

Silver Room

  • Drive an 8.57 Return on Ad Spend


  • Drove 10,000+ attendees


Silver Room drives 20,000+ to their Block Party Festival with DOE Media

The Silver Room Sound System Block Party©TM, founded in Chicago in 2002, is a multicultural, all-ages music and arts festival and is known as a mainstay in Chicago summers. When planning their 17th Annual Block Party, after a 2-year hiatus due to COVID, they knew they wanted this 2-day festival to be bigger and better than ever. After securing an incredible lineup of artists and businesses to highlight, they turned to DOE Media to raise awareness and drive ticket sales.

Paid Social

Google Ads

Twitter Ads

Paid Social + Google Ads + Twitter Ads = Skyrocketed Ticket Sales

The DOE Media team took on this challenge with excitement and enthusiasm. We knew we wanted to create a surround sound advertising campaign across Meta, Google, and Twitter. We used a multi-prong strategy of awareness, engagement, and conversion ads to maximize the number of tickets they sold online and at the box office using a combination of Youtube, Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter advertising. This approach resulted in our ability to scale up ad spend at an 8.56 on-platform ROAS driving 10’s of thousands of people to the weekend event.

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