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May 5, 2022

Shiti Coolers

  • Increase in ROAS


  • Cut CPA by 66%


SHITI Coolers

Charmin should be sponsoring this case study because with the great creative help at Shiti and our world class media buyers we were able to clean up a Shiti situation. After getting referred to us by being put in a bad position by another agency we met with the Shiti Coolers team to develop a game plan to get not only their ad accounts but the business back on track. We took a deep dive with them to understand their product margins using our One Metric that Matters calculator to give us what our new goals should be on the digital advertising side of things. We also consulted with them to make their business more financially viable, helping them to cut unnecessary expenses to get back into the black.


After understanding their goals, we took a 2 prong approach with social ads on Meta and paid search ads on Google and Bing. We knew they had the right product and the right content to do well, but their results exceeded our high expectations.

Paid Social Marketing

Google And Bing Paid Search

Paid Social Marketing

Within the first 2 months of taking over their account we increased their ROAS by 227% while obtaining a CPA ⅓ of the price they were getting previously. We did this by building out a full marketing funnel with a focus on new customer acquisition leveraging their kickass UGC creative that they’ve gathered over the years.

Frame 98

Paid Social Marketing

On the paid search side Shiti had been getting unprofitable results for several months and it was our job to go in to turn the account around. We dove into the account focusing on ways to sell more of their higher margin SKUs and top selling products. We increased the ROAS from a .5 to well over a 5 ROAS within the first 2 months of working with them while spending 9.5x more money focusing on Performance Max, Youtube, Search, and Display placements.

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