L9 Sports’ mission and passion?

Making skiing and biking affordable and enjoyable for outdoor enthusiasts of all ability levels.

DOE Media's mission and passion?

Helping partners like L9 bring it all to life.  When L9 approached DOE Media, they wanted to get started with meta ads knowing the potential in the channel.

Paid Social

In the first month of the L9 and DOE Media partnership, sales grew almost 12x from $69K to $800K. And the growth kept going. The next month yielded even better results at a 1,613% ROAS surpassing $2 MM in revenue in the first two months. Going in cautious, budgets were controlled which ended up working nicely for L9.
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Sales growth in the first 90 days

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Increase in ROAS

With this exponential growth and greater than anticipated demand from Facebook and Instagram paid ads, the controlled budget prevented there from being any gaps in fulfillment. Partnering with DOE Media could not have come at a better time for L9. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, L9 was well positioned to further advance their mission of making biking affordable and enjoyable for all. Through the pandemic, bike sales skyrocketed and people were enjoying the outdoors on L9 bikes.

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