7 Meta Insights Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know in 2023

Two of our co-founders, Ramzey and Nick, attended the invite only Meta Performance Marketing Summit at the Meta HQ in San Francisco.

The trip was full of great insight and a look at the future of Meta and what that means for digital marketing in 2022 and beyond.

Listed below, are the 7 major takeaways from the Meta Conference:

1‍. Adventage Plus +

Throughout the last few months, Meta has been testing Advantage Plus, the next generation of AI testing and campaign simplification. At DOE MEDIA, we’ve been testing this on all the accounts that have the ability to apply the Beta for.

As of now, we are seeing a 10-20% decrease in CPA when implementing Advantage Plus campaigns. We are still in the early days of this, but early data points tell us — this is a good step for Meta and account performance.

2. Data Doesn’t Lie

For the first time ever, Meta has finally admitted and provided data behind signal loss due to iOS changes. According to Meta, on average, pixel/cookie based last click model is currently missing 47% of performance/conversions.

We have preached for many months that we see signal loss of 40-60% on average. We are finally aligned!

Now, if only we were aligned on getting it back.

3. Reels are for Real

As you probably know, Reels has continued to be a major point of contention for Meta.

With heavy pressure from TikTok to gain what was once Meta dominated attention, Reels is continuing to make strides and improvements. Reels now accounts for 20% of Metas screen time for users.

Our honest thoughts are the Reels placement still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to organic AI targeting, however, it still stands true — Metas Ad targeting platform is far superior to that of TikTok.

Our recommendation is to continue investing in organic videos for Reels and TikTok as the free organic reach is unmatched and likely won’t last forever.

Just as we saw with organic reach on Facebook and Instagram, Reels and TikTok organic reach will be lost to advertisers and content creators.

NOW is the time to position your brand as a content creator before it’s too late.

4. Content Creators are the Future

One thing we have been preaching for over 2 years now is the power of content creators — not to be confused with the trendy word “influencer”.
Unlike what most consider as influencers taking curated IG images, content creators have the ability to produce low budget content with consistent watch time.

We firmly believe the next generation of brands will stem from content creators.

What can you as a brand do now? Partner up with as many content creators as possible.

5. Whitelisting Content Creators
What is Whitelisting?

This is when brands run content creator ads as the content creator for their products or services. Running ads as a creator is nothing new, however, the data is undeniable. Brands that are adding content creators into their advertising mix are seeing a decrease in customer acquisition costs.

6. Metaverse

Is the Metaverse the future? Honestly, who knows. Meta seems to believe so, and they very well may be right.
Our thoughts are they are investing ahead of time by owning the devices and Metaverse before others do. We believe the Metaverse will be mainstream in 5-10 years. Only time will tell.

Meta placed heavy emphasis on brands to start exploring the Metaverse and investing in AR. While we do agree, this is likely a good idea for brands to consider, the reality is most businesses cannot afford to hire a Metaverse team to start building.

It appears the Metaverse will be for large brands that want to get ahead of the curve. Time will tell. In the meantime, let’s let them invest in the Metaverse while we watch closely.

7. What Does the Future of Digital Marketing Look Like?

A seamless user experience is key and it starts with your website.

At DOE Media, we’ve heavily invested in two of our in-house teams: The Website Design and Development Team & The Conversion Rate Optimization Team. Together, they’ve analyzed, designed and developed websites which focus on the users behavior and experience when navigating a website.

Over the last year and half, DOE Media has made multiple investments in expanding our service offerings to provide a world class full funnel experience.

Today, DOE MEDIA can handle everything from customer acquisition on Meta, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, improve customer retention with our Lifecycle marketing team, increase organic traffic with our SEO team and build/improve conversion rate with our in-house web design and development team.

Contact us & let’s soar to new heights.

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