Marketing Channels:

While Facebook is often a company’s first thought for digital advertising, there are countless platforms that can be used to scale a business. In the case of footwear brand ROVUX, it may not have been their anticipated approach, but the DOE team determined after a few discussions that the ideal advertising platform for the brand would be Snapchat. 

DOE knows that platforms like Snapchat provide incredible reach at a fraction of the cost of Facebook ads, and the team knew that the product (footwear at the intersection of fashion and fitness) would appeal strongly to the Snapchat audience, making it the perfect match for the client’s needs.


Utilizing Snapchat’s hyper-targeted millennial audience, DOE Media helped Rovux drive over $1M in shoe sales at an average ROAS above 300%, all without running a single Facebook ad.

$1M+ in revenue

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