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Survival Frog

Survival Frog grew their database with net new prospects and exceeded their goals in a post iOS world which adversely affected advertising, with revenue growing by 217% in a short six months. 



  • Increase in Revenue in the First 6 Months


  • Lower CPA


How Survival Frog grew their business quickly with DOE Media

The team at Survival Frog, a retail brand considered one of the largest and most trusted sources for survival and preparedness products online, went through a lot of trial and error before bringing in DOE Media to help grow their business through paid search and social. The Survival Frog team was not fully sold that these channels would be the most efficient for their audience and budgets. However, with a strong partnership with the DOE Media team and a targeted strategy, Survival Frog grew their database with net new prospects and exceeded their goals in a post iOS world which adversely affected advertising, with revenue growing by 217% in a short six months. DOE Media is a trusted partner and advisor to Survival Frog executing on key advertising channels, advising on budget decisions to increase efficiency of campaigns, and providing data-backed analysis and recommendations for video and static creative strategy and audiences.

Google And Bing Paid Search

Meta Marketing

Google and Microsoft (Bing) Paid Search

As a part of the initial strategy, the team created, launched and optimized completely new Google and Microsoft campaigns over 6 weeks. This investment to overhaul led to revenue growing 4x in two months while maintaining the same ROAS. With this overhaul, the DOE Media team rolled out a new Shopping and Performance Max campaign structure based on product margins. These types of campaign structures are integral pieces to successful paid search strategy and helped Survival Frog increase bottom line efficiency given they create their own products and dropship.

At DOE Media, we don’t stop at the baseline. Our team saw an opportunity to drive additional revenue in core SKUs through a net new channel, Youtube. What started as a test has expanded into an important lever for Survival Frog to sell core SKUs like canned meats and survival gear. Within 2 months the YouTube campaigns were driving dozens of click conversions a month and over 400 View-Through Conversions/mo.

Meta Marketing

Another core demand generation channel for Survival Frog is paid social on the Meta Platform with Facebook and Instagram. In building the right strategy and setting up efficient campaigns, DOE Media identified overlap in both top of the funnel and bottom of the funnel audiences being targeted leading to lost budget dollars and decreased campaign performance.

After cleaning up the audiences and reducing overlap, we lowered their cost per acquisition (CPA) by 40% while increasing spend by 3x.

Google and Bing Paid Search Ads

All it took was one week of a new strategy in market. When the DOE Media team launched a completely new campaign structure for Search and Shopping, we were confident this would work for Chirp, but then it worked a lot faster than we could have predicted. After just one week in market, this new strategy immediately increased conversions by 10% while reducing spend by 17%. By investing in the rebuild branded campaigns and scaling non-branded search to acquire net new customers, this channel became a powerhouse for the brand.

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