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Target a more affluent search market driving high converting traffic with Bing

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Bing Marketing

How it works

The power of Bing is that you get to have your products in front of people looking for exactly what you offer. Unlike the social channels, Bing helps pull people in that are already showing purchase intent leading to highly qualified traffic that converts. A great augment to the Google platform, we typically see a 10-20% capturing low hanging fruit and scaling beyond on Bing.

What you get

A proven media buying team that has spent $150+ million dollars on digital ads to help you grow your business through Bing’s powerful ad targeting tools.


Average Trafic Increase


Average Revenue Increase

M $

Trackable Revenue


Our Process

From researching consumer interests and customer archetypes to tracking and optimizing ad account performance, our team will implement a full-funnel approach to profitably scale your business.

Industry Deep Dive

Our strategy begins with a thorough market analysis, conquesting competition and leveraging our deep experience in paid search to determine the customer archetype for your business to understand what will resonate with them.

Ad Account Framework Build

Once we understand your target audience we build out your ad account marketing funnel so when your ads are ready to go we can spend your money as efficiently as possible.

Creative Build Out

Using data and research we will start building out the initial campaigns getting the account up and running.

Test and Optimize

Once we have the initial ads up and running we’ll be able to quickly see what is resonating for your brand giving us the ability to iterate on those creatives and audiences.


Once we’re meeting our one-metric that matters goal we’re off to races to help you scale your business through our proven ad funnel that has generated over $500 million in revenue for our partners.

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