How to Dominate Website Sales for Prime Day 2024

Prime Day has quickly become the Black Friday e-commerce shopping event of the summer. This year will be no different. And it’s not just Amazon Brands that can capitalize on it, your website can too!

In 2023, Amazon’s Prime Day drove $12.7B in revenue on its platform alone.

Ready for this one? Last year, Amazon Prime Day became the single biggest sales day Amazon has ever had. So it’s kind of a big deal…

Approximately 68% of customers plan to shop during the 2024 Amazon Prime Day.

So how can you capitalize on this whether you’re on Amazon or not? Here are 5 things you can do to increase sales this Prime Day on your website.

If we’ve learned anything from the birth of Black Friday over the years, people want a good deal and will make impulse purchases because of it! With hundreds of millions of people across the US alone ready to shop, why would you not take part in the hype?

Here’s how you should prepare for the 2024 Amazon Prime Day bonanza.

1. Choose the Right Offer

The best offer is a simple one. While Prime Days’ focus has always been on singular items, the best sales are typically sitewide.

If you want to maximize your sales potential this Prime Day, put up a site-wide sale that is not too different than your average sale except slightly better. If you typically do 20% and you have the margins, go up to 25%!

Remember, every business is competing for the same consumer dollars.

Let’s face it, this year has been a little tight for most consumers so let’s give them a break.

Want to follow the Prime Day trend? Pick a few items and make a Prime Day collection on your site with a variety of items on sale.

To maximize your full potential, ensure you have a mix of items people actually want with some items you’ve been trying to get rid of for a while!

Don’t forget to discount appropriately!

Your best-selling items don’t need that deep of a discount, just enough to increase that conversion rate by 2x.

Those items you can’t sell?

GET RID OF THEM and turn them into cash. We all know you have some dead stock products you can’t move taking up precious space. It’s time to deep discount and move on! Maybe bundle them into a Prime Day mystery box.

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2. Get your Ads Ready for the Big Day!

It’s 2024, if you aren’t running Facebook or Google ads to promote your business then I really don’t know what you are doing.

Here are a few of our favorite Prime Day creatives to inspire your 2024 ads!

Keep it simple! No need to blow a bunch of money on fancy creative. Remember, customers are just looking for a good deal.

Make sure to add copy to your ads/creatives that mention “Shop Small Business” or “Support Small Brands” to pull on the heartstrings of consumers. Let’s not let Amazon take their money. That’s your money!

Take your top-performing evergreen ads and put some Prime Day Promo text overlay on them. And boom, you’re ready to go!


Got a little extra time? Film a founder video telling your customer about your sale!

Go into that ugly warehouse or pretty showroom and tell the people what they want! No need to get fancy. Show off your lovely self and connect with your customers this Prime day.

Lastly, make sure you have your budgets and media plan ready to go! Take a look at last year’s performance. Could you have spent more? Did you miss out on any opportunities? Did you push a little too hard and need to keep it more profitable this year?

Don’t forget to fill up the top of the funnel! Start your ad increases NOW so you have as many customers in your funnel and on your lifecycle marketing lists as possible. The show is about to start!

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3. Get your Email and SMS Marketing in Order!

Email Marketing Prime Day

As a brand owner, you’ve likely been through a Black Friday or two. It’s time to dust off that Holiday playbook!

To maximize sales this year, you’ll want to follow these simple email and SMS tactics:

  • Tease your Prime Day promo to your loyal customers.
    Show your dedicated fans how much you love them by giving them exclusive access to the deal a few days before! This works every time for Black Friday we typically find most customers buy on BOTH days! This also gives you a chance to test some email subject lines for the big day.
  • Have several emails lined up and ready to go throughout the first day, July 16.
    Start bright and early so you are one of the first emails your customers see in the morning!
  • Mid-morning, hit them with a text!
    Now remember, while SMS marketing is pretty powerful, it’s also pretty damn expensive! Make sure you are only sending texts to customers who HAVE NOT purchased yet and probably haven’t purchased in the past 14 days. No need to pay for a text if they will already be buying from an email. Save that money!
  • You’ll want a second email ready to go at lunchtime.
    Let’s face it, everyone will be shopping at work anyway!
  • Think you’ll sell out of a few items? Create some FOMO.
    Nothing wrong with an afternoon “Hurry, these styles are selling quickly.” Maybe you can even showcase an item that’s already sold out?
  • Your last email of the day, if you haven’t already hit them with the FOMO then here’s your chance!
  • July 17th, game on. Start your morning with another email.
    You could have a mid-day email but it might be a little too much. Maybe one last SMS mid-day. And then later that evening, it’s the final countdown! This is your last chance email and let’s make it a big one!

Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot of emails! My customers are going to hate me! Just remember, every brand will be doing the same thing so this is your best shot at ensuring your email stays top of mind for your customers. 

Will there be a Karen or two that leaves? Probably. Good riddance! If they love your brand, they aren’t going anywhere!

Sounds like too much design work? Keep it simple! You can use the same email with slightly different copy and subject lines to keep design time down! No one will care. They just want that sweet deal!

Still, have some time on your hands? Make a few tweaks to your welcome flow so your new customers are getting Prime Day messaging!

Lastly, don’t take down your popup! Why waste the opportunity to collect more emails and phone numbers? There are still clever ways of collecting this precious information without the promise of a discount.  You could have a Prime Day giveaway. Just make sure you actually give something away to a lucky fan or two…

You could have a quiz!

Don’t forget to give your audience a break after this push! We don’t want a bunch of unsubscribers.

See how our team of lifecycle marketing experts can improve your email and sms programs today.

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4. Influencers, Assemble!!!

Power Rangers assemble! Make sure to start prepping your influencers with the promos for Prime Day so they are ready to go!

We always suggest sending over some quick short scripts. “Guys, it’s Prime Day and I think I found the best deal on the internet right now!?”

5. Let’s Prime that Website of yours!

Make sure your Website is Prime’d up!

How to Increase Website Revenue this Prime Day 2024:

  • Get your banners designed and ready to go.
  • Adjust your announcement bar above the header. Might we suggest a countdown timer!?
  • Have your collection(s) ready to go if you are not doing a site-wide sale.
  • Adjust your pop-up to collect all those new emails!
  • Do a final walk-through of your site to ensure it is shopper-ready with all your items merchandised to perfection. Mix your top sellers at the top with some items you really want to move!

And that’s it! Now you’re ready for Prime Day!

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Nick Raschke
Nick Raschke
DOE Media Co-Founder and COO