Email Marketing

From Klaviyo setup and automation to welcome series and abandoned cart flows, our strategists will design and implement a finely-segmented set of email sequences to increase open rates, engagement, and conversions. Prolific is proud to be a Klaviyo Platinum Partner.

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See how Prolific Media sustainably and aggressively scaled the leading women's fast fashion retailer and e-commerce conglomerate, Shop Akira.

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Izakov Diamonds

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How It Works

Your customer lifetime value is paramount to your profitability as a business, and retention marketing is the key to long term success. Our team leverages our years of storytelling experience to craft messages that turn one-time customers into raving fans.

What You Get

A proven retention marketing team focused on building you a community of loyal customers that can't wait to tell their friends about you. We use a full, segmented retention funnel to build and maintain lasting relationships with your customers.


clients double revenue
YoY consecutively


Average first year growth


Trackable Revenue


Our Process

Industry Deep-Dive

We start with a thorough market analysis to determine your brand's customer archetypes, helping us understand what will resonate best with them.


Once we understand your target audience, we build out your ad account marketing funnel so when your ads are ready to go we can spend your money as efficiently as possible.


Using data and thorough research of competition, brand guides, we work with or execute creative that has the highest propensity to convert that is best fit for your objectives.

Test and Optimize

Once we have the initial ads up and running we’ll be able to quickly see what is resonating for your brand giving us the ability to iterate on those creatives and audiences.


Upon finding the winning variables, audiences we diligently scale advertising budgets profitably with our one metric that matters (ROAS) as our north star that we consistently attain and stay within as we increase budgets.