Marketing Channels:

While the majority of digital advertising takes place on a select few platforms, the number of options to choose from is growing by the day, and as such, plenty of viable outlets go overlooked. TruWood, for example, had tried Pinterest for customer acquisition, but opted to stick with Facebook, Instagram, and Google, where they were seeing better results.

Knowing that TruWood’s products would do well on Pinterest with the right strategy, the DOE team began conducting keyword research and analysis to determine how to best target potential buyers on the platform. Next, the team developed designated customer acquisition funnels for each target audience and created specific pins to capture the attention of each customer archetype at every step of their journey.


DOE Media helped TruWood vastly expand their base through Pinterest, but more importantly the team discovered something the company themselves hadn’t realized: while their products were popular among men, they were often being purchased by women as gifts - a crucial piece of insight for their future advertising pursuits. 

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