Savannah Bee

Marketing Channels:

The Savannah Bee Company is proving that you can do just about anything with honey. In addition to edible honey products like Tupelo honey and raw honeycomb, they also sell household, skincare, and beauty products - all made with the help of the honeybee!

With stores across the country, Savannah Bee has decades of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry, and when they decided to expand their ecommerce business, they turned to DOE Media. Looking to grow their customer base and royalty program, the DOE Media team developed a strategy to implement across paid social, paid search, and email/SMS retention.

The Results?

In their first month advertising with DOE, Savannah Bee was able to increase ad spend on Facebook by 5x with a 1.5x increase in ROAS. On Google, ad spend increased by 175% while actually decreasing CPA by 23%, efficiently and effectively scaling the D2C business.

52% increase in conversions
32% decrease in CPA

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