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For an entrepreneur, appearing on Shark Tank is the opportunity of a lifetime. The show provides an incredible platform in terms of exposure, even if a deal isn’t made - but if a brand takes off, it has to be ready to fly.

After the success of their original Kickstarter campaign, Saucemoto found themselves playing “ketchup” (couldn’t resist). Their product, a dipping sauce holder that clips onto car vents, quickly went viral, but they needed a way to use that virality to drive customers to their website.

Luckily for them, in the weeks before their scheduled Shark Tank Debut, a mutual friend introduced the Saucemoto team to DOE Media.

The DOE team identified areas where Saucemoto could be capturing even more traffic than they already were, knowing that these customer acquisition funnels would be crucial once the episode aired. With a website overhaul, several e-mail and SMS sequences, new product images, and strategic bundles, DOE helped position Saucemoto to make the most of their Shark Tank buzz across Google and Facebook.


Saucemoto sold tens of thousands of units within days of the show airing, and with their optimized customer acquisition structure, they were able to capture and utilize all of that customer data, enabling them to double their conversion rate. DOE helped Saucemoto capitalize on this amazing opportunity, but don’t just take our word for it…watch the video testimonial from the Co-Founders

“We wouldn’t have been ready”

“Our ads have become infinitely more effective”

“I would recommend them to anyone who’s trying to sell anything online”

Shark Tank product launch

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