Pears Snacks

Marketing Channels:

From checkout-lane snack to online sensation, the Pear’s Snacks story is still being written. Starting with weeks of strategizing and testing, the DOE team was able to successfully decrease the company’s CPA by 68% - and that was just the beginning. DOE went on to bolster the Pear’s Snacks C-Suite team to develop a system to analyze and determine their KPIs, as well as put together a plan to scale their ecommerce business.

With an EBITDA-driven approach, DOE took full control of Facebook advertising, email marketing, and advertising creative design for Pear’s Snacks.


The Pear’s Snacks launch went so well that now DOE has been asked to help re-launch their coffee brand! On top of the original 68% CPA decrease, DOE not only scaled Pear’s Snacks successfully, it continues to do so today. While many CPG brands face severely high cost per acquisition metrics, DOE Media successfully deployed a multi-pronged, battle-tested promotional strategy which has catapulted Pear’s to become a nationally recognized online brand with a growing retail presence.

68% decrease in CPA

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