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Florida-based fashion brand Henri Girl first partnered with DOE Media to build on the success of their apparel boutiques. Recognizing their potential for growth, the DOE Media team devised a strategy to scale their business on Facebook and Google. Within the first year with DOE, Henri Girl saw their revenue increase by more than 700%. Little did we know, a global pandemic was around the corner, and the sudden decline in apparel sales would soon force Henri Girl to shutter their three brick and mortar stores in Florida.

Noticing a shift in consumer buying habits at the time, DOE helped pivot their business to the jewelry industry. Within a few months, they were able to continue scaling as if they had never stopped, and soon Henri Girl was bringing in more revenue than before the pandemic.


Not only did DOE Media scale Henri Girl’s apparel business, we successfully expanded the brand into a new category, pivoting and enabling the business to succeed in impervious times.

700% increase in revenue

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